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About me

Speaking and writing have always come naturally to me.

I graduated in law in 2008. After a few years as a lawyer, I decided that it was time for a change. I wanted to meet people and work with them in a positive way. I found my calling as a registrar which is my dream job.
As registrar I usually compose a short speech to give after performing a civil service. I was often asked if I would repeat the speech later during the celebration of the marriage. Then it occurred to me that I could expand and personalize my speeches in the context of custom weddings.

Whereas the time constraints of my job as a registrar precluded an opportunity to get to know the celebrants in any depth, planning and performing custom weddings releases these constraints. I can now take my time to learn about you and your interests, your story and your goals. This allows me to craft a dream wedding ceremony.

I have worked in the United States and made many life-long friends there. I often visit the States to renew my friendships and travel through the country. My affection for America has had the side effect of exposing me to the English language. Consequently, I am offering custom wedding ceremonies in English as well as German.