freie Reden

Your story - your love - your day!

The advantage of a custom wedding ceremony: there is no such thing as “it’s not possible” … you decide when, where and how!

Whether you want to get married in a classic white wedding dress, jeans, bikini, high heels or tennis shoes is entirely up to you.

A custom wedding ceremony offers you the opportunity to plan everything. I offer an alternative ceremony for everyone who wants to “skip” church but still wants a festive wedding ceremony. A custom wedding ceremony is therefore an alternative, especially for couples with different or no religious preferences and couples of the same sex. Each ceremony is created and individually designed to produce a festive wedding . Whether in your own garden or in a park, you choose the location. Whether you wish to celebrate right after the civil wedding held in a government office or on any other day, you choose the time and the location!

Already married? Have you thought about renewing your wedding vows? Just the two of you or in the presence of your loved ones? My goal is to make your reaffirmation as exciting and memorable as your first kiss. It´s all about your story, your love, your joy, your day.

Fulfilling your dreams is my goal.

The first step is a meeting where we discuss your ideas. You and I will plan your custom wedding ceremony together. After our initial session, it’s my job to relieve you of the burdens of planning the ceremony and writing your wedding speech. Your individual and unique speech will reflect your personalities as a couple and your love.

Music, intercession, prayers, verses or rituals can be included as part of the wedding ceremony according to your wishes. I can also incorporate your witnesses, your families or friends into the ceremony.

Last but not least are your vows. You can decide what to say, whether you will exchange rings and how you say “I do.”. There are no limits as to what we can do. Together we will create a unique and unforgettable experience for you. I will be with you every step of the way to assist you.

I´m looking forward to meeting you and putting your story into words.
You can reach me via my contact form.


Please note that a custom wedding does not replace a government sanctioned wedding in the registry office. A custom ceremony is not binding under church or civil law. It is, however, a symbolic celebration with family, friends and acquaintances following a civil wedding.