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Services Provided

Free introductory conversation

Before making your decision about hiring me , we will have a introductory conversation. When the chemistry is right, we will continue as follows …

Planning Meeting

We will have an intensive conversation about the content and procedure of your wedding ceremony. I want you to tell me your personal story. The better I get to know you and your story, the more personalized your wedding speech will be.
I will support and advise you on the selection of wedding-rituals, the integration of wedding guests into the ceremony, the procedure of the ceremony and all other questions and ideas you might have.
Further agreements/coordinations will then be made via telephone and / or e-mail.

The “surprise effect”

After the planning meeting you have the opportunity to send me an e-mail independently of one another with information about you and your story which is important to you or your future spouse or about common experiences that still put a smile on your face.
I would then bring this information into the wedding speech as a surprise for your future spouse.

A few days before the wedding

A few days before the “big day” we will go through the whole procedure by phone so that no questions remain open and you can concentrate on looking forward to a great day.

Your day ...

I will be there to guide your custom wedding ceremony, which will include your unique and personal wedding speech.
On the day of your wedding I will be at the wedding location 30 to 45 minutes prior to the start in order to coordinate with the other participants (if other people should be involved in the wedding) or just to support the groom until his bride has her grand entrance.